No. 1 Story Telling Approach for a Child's Total Brain Development

Let's learn with Story Telling!

We are educators and also parents who in the process of teaching our students and children, realize the immense challenges and pressures they face. “Why can’t we provide our children with a happy learning environment?” Is the question we asked which led us to come together to brainstorm how we can help fill this gap.
Equipped with nearly 20 years of experience in education, our brainstorming and research sessions birthed a set of story-based total brain development programme that allows children to learn in the most natural and purest way.

We believe that stories instil in a child the true purpose for learning - a desire, thirst and pursuit of knowledge that can be applied in their lives. Story telling has great potential to help children lay a strong foundation for their future.
Instead of monotonousrote learning, let’s stir the passion in our children to learn with joy!

3 in 1 Methodology


Students learn and gain knowledge through story telling and allows students to remember better and for longer periods.


Incorporating abacus formulae and techniques to solve equations involving the four mathematical operators (+, -, x, ÷)


Connecting theory and skills for solving problems heuristically and resulting in the development of total brain function

TSC is more than just about academic achievements, it equips every child with skills and values through our 3 in 1 methodology, developing and nurturing their social and emotional learning needs.


Our Unique Teaching Methodology

How we can help?

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Sharing Our Experience

She is an experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the international businesses and education industries in China, Singapore and USA. She is a strong programme management professional and a published author with a PhD focused in Educational Neuroscience.

Dr. YC Chen

Trainer & Curriculum Specialists Director, JCYC Studio (China, Singapore, USA)

I enrolled Nigel in CMA in the hope that he can be more confident and focused when it comes to Mathematics. I am happy that Nigel has benefited after joining CMA. He is definitely more confident in and enjoys doing Maths. Nigel looks forward to his weekly lessons at CMA.

Nigel Ng

9 Years Old

She is innovative international leader, she is an experienced educator and trainer for more than 20 years.

Amy Burton

MA Educator and trainer Director, AJB Consulting (NZ, Singapore, USA)

TSC's learning is amazing!!

Dr. Matt Gehret

Learning Specialists & Veteran Educator (USA)