When we were young, we did not know what we can do? when we became adult, we regret that we did not expose and learn in the past.

All kids are unique, they have endless possibilities to be known and exposed.

With the aim to help kids to unleash all their hidden potential, TSC Singapore was incorporated in June 2019 and immediately TSC Malaysia was established in September 2019.

TSC focuses on offering an unique teaching methodology to the cooperated institutions with our targeted aim.


Transforming Lives, Discovering Skills, Building Character


Build Endless Possibilities

CEO Messages

It is exciting to welcome all of you here.

The world today is more competitive than ever. We face unpredictable challenges and new situations. Learning to transform, discover and build positive learning becomes significance.

We invest in kids' education and with the aim to develop an unique methodology to transform, discover and build our kids' learning in their lifetime.

Kids are our future, I am sure all of you will work together with me to achieve this aim.

Invested/co-operated Educational Projects