About Us

Vision, Mission and Values


Transforming Lives, Discovering Skills, Building Character


Discover Endless Possibilities




To be respectful to others and views of others, even in times of disagreement


To be consistent, sincere and be truthful in one’s actions

Go the extra mile

To pursue excellence
in all things


To be upright in word
and deed


Work together with others in order to achieve a goal

Our Mascot

There was a corn kernel called Mr Pop. He was small, ugly and incapable. His friends made fun of him and thought he will not be useful in life. At first, Mr Pop felt demoralized and frustrated with his small stature and limited abilities. However, just like a corn kernel being exposed to the heat, oil and pressure in the popcorn making machine, Mr Pop with renewed determination chose to persevere through the pressures and challenges of life. Eventually Mr Pop emerged from it as a flavourful, sweet smelling, crunchy popcorn in all its buttery, sugary goodness. Mr Pop was charming, strong and confident, all his friends looked in awe and wanted to follow in his example.

The fragrant smell of popcorn permeating the air, the popping sound produced by the popcorn machine…entices all five senses, doesn’t it? TSC’s mascot – Mr Pop does that too. Just like Mr Pop our hope and wish for every child is to be resilient and persevere through the many stressors and challenges that life may bring. We want them to develop their fullest potential and flourish in life.