Programme Overview and Details

Programme Overview

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TSC abacus mental maths
TSC abacus mental maths
TSC abacus mental maths
TSC abacus mental maths enrichment


Eligibility: 3 – 4.5 years old


The course teaches children the basics of abacus mental arithmetic, instilling a love for numbers and Mathematics through a variety of fun-filled activities which includes story telling, songs and multimedia. The conducive and fun learning environment optimise the children’s learning.


  • Total brain development through story telling
  • Number literacy through interactive stories and games
  • Build good number sense
  • Develop cognitive and motoring skills
  • Instill love for learning in a fun and conducive classroom environment
  • Develop positive self-esteem and interactions among peers
TSC abacus mental maths enrichment


Eligibility: > 4.5 years old


A full set of courses developed with the objective to achieve fast and accurate mental calculation through abacus mental arithmetic. Equipping students to be able to apply heuristic skills in school mathematics and daily life.


  • Total brain development through the 3 in 1 TSC methodology via:
    • Number literacy
    • Mathematical concepts
    • Dual-hand Abacus System
    • Mental Maths Rules & Principles
  • Training of fast and accurate mental calculation with increasing difficulty and complexity to solve equations involving the 4 mathematical operators (+,-,x,÷)
  • Integrate abacus with mathematical concepts, achieving the ability to retain skills permanently and resulting in effective applications
  • Enhance concentration and memory
  • Develop analytical and heuristics skills
TSC abacus mental maths enrichment


Eligibility: > 18 years old


Personal: Self growth through enhance concentration and memory
Passion: Discover career opportunities in teaching
Partnership: Seek out a franchise opportunity in the education field
Support: Guide their child in total brain development


  • Training in theoretical and practical aspects of abacus mental maths
  • Gain a deeper understanding of classroom management
  • Equip the passionate with relevant knowledge, skills and confidence in abacus mental maths
  • Provide those seeking partnership with a preview of the opportunity for a franchise

More new courses coming soon...