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The entry level for Junior 2 (foundation) will be 5 years old by age. Kids younger than 5 yo (calculate by the birth month) will need to go through an assessment to see if he/she is ready for the programme. The assessment includes writing numeral 0 to 9, understanding of the abacus images, motor skill and ability to follow simple instructions.

The lesson will be conducted in 2 sessions: 1st session will be abacus and mental arithmetic skill learning; 2nd session will be math concepts and applications. Students will learn through multimedia teaching and the teacher will be the instructor and facilitator to give individual guidance and coaching during exercise time based on the student’s workbook.

Yes, indeed. The abacus and mental arithmetic skill is ability-based and the math concept is topic-based. Students will begin from the topic where basic understanding and concept is taught. Besides story-telling, there are a lot of illustrations and examples to make the learning interesting for each concept. The teacher will coach and help the students to work on the exercises to have a better understanding of each topic to ensure a smooth progression.

The programme includes problem solving sums when students have progressed to a higher level of learning.

Students will see the importance of fast calculation skill during the session of applications. Under the session of math concepts, students will need to solve questions using the method that is required by the school. Having the ability to calculate fast and accurate can help the students to reduce the time in completing the calculations and achieve good results and at the same time, showing good understanding of the answer method.

During Junior 2, children will learn the fundamental of the abacus methodologies and skills. The syllabus covers basic addition, subtraction and the usage of abacus formulae. Children will learn the basic of math concepts. The programme will bridge the skills and the concepts of mathematics knowledge.

The learning of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic is an ability-based programme. Children will progress according to the books used. Math Concept is topic-based. The learning progression will be based on the topic that is taught lesson by lesson.

The highest level for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic learning will be the ‘Dan Level’. Upon completion of the ‘Dan Level’, children can continue to pursue higher for skill enhancement and greater achievement.

As for Math Concept, children will achieve the highest stage of learning upon completion of the workbook that is equivalent to the P6 level.

Yes, the math concepts programme is designed according to the learning level and strictly aligned to MOE syllabus.

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