TSC Methodology and its Benefits

Why choose TSC?

TSC’s 3 in 1 Methodology

TSC method theory

Beginning with Theory: Equipping learners with a set of principles and concepts, forming the fundamentals through creative storytelling and multimedia.

TSC method skill

With a good knowledge of the subject’s theory, learners will acquire Skills: processing the information and effectively translating it to practice.

TSC method connect

Integrating the information gained from theory with the skills acquired, the learner will be able to Connect: applying the knowledge in a practical manner to solve problems heuristically and achieve total brain development.

Our unique teaching methodology

TSC Unique Teaching Methods

Small class size:

Small teacher to student ratio, making the environment conducive for teaching and learning

Songs and multimedia teaching:

Engaging activities through various media platforms, enhancing concentration and better retention of information


Encouraging imagination in learners, resulting in a fun and easy way to acquire knowledge

Social emotional learning:

Building and developing positive character in the young to help them to be confident in navigating their way in life and their social interactions

Solve problems heuristically:

Stimulating lessons that teach students to independently analyze, apply knowledge and solve problems systematically and with ease

Simultaneous right and left-brain training:

Total brain development enrichment programme for anyone as young as preschoolers to adults who are pursuing lifelong learning

Specific learning plan for each child:

Tailor made to meet individual learner’s needs and abilities

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